Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any other questions.  We will be happy to assist you.


Should we stay in Golden or Revelstoke?

Revelstoke, it snows more in Revelstoke, it has better Ski Touring options and we are based out of Revelstoke.  The Highway does close during the winter from either side of Rogers Pass due to Avalanche Control or motor vehicle accidents.  This way we are together and can ski out of Revelstoke most likely having an amazing Powder Day!


Do I need cancellation insurance?

Yes!  This takes the stress away and offers peace of mind for everyone should you cancel your trip after booking.  We have saved you a spot on our schedule, turned down other guests, and it is simply unfeasible for us to refund your deposit or full payment without adequate notice.


What is your booking cancellation policy?

We require a 25% deposit immediately when booking a trip and then payment in full by November 1st of each Ski Season for all of our trips.  Cancelling a trip prior to November 1st we will grant a full refund less your 25% deposit.  After November 1st we can not offer any refund.  We have saved you a spot on our schedule, turned down other guests, and it is simply unfeasible for us to refund your deposit or full payment without adequate notice.  We strongly recommend buying Cancellation Insurance should any unforeseen scenario were to occur and you could not make your trip.

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Do I need my own gear?

Yes.  We will always send out an Equipment List describing what to bring when you book a trip.  We do expect you to have the basic equipment meaning Skis, Skins, Boots, Poles and a Pack.  For Avalanche Safety Gear you are required to have a Digital Triple Antenna Transceiver, a metal Shovel and Probe.  There are many places to rent Ski Touring Equipment in Revelstoke as well as Avalanche Safety Gear.

We do provider FM Radio's to our guests to always maintain communication between each other and have the ability to make a call for help should an accident happen.  


Do I need my own vehicle?

Yes.  Unfortunately due to Covid-19 Health and Safety precautions, transportation to Ski Touring destinations is no longer provided.


Will other skiers join our group?

No.  Our trips are privately run in order to cater to your exact needs.  Wether it's steep skiing, your first time backcountry skiing, or a casual day in the mountains by running trips privately we can cater to your exact needs.  

The only exception to this will be a practicum Guide.  A practicum is an uncertified skier, training and looking for experience in order to become a Guide.  This practicum will act as a Tail Guide, skiing at the back of the group for increased safety.  


Where do we meet in the morning?

We will meet at you at the accommodation that you have decided to stay at in Revelstoke.  We expect you to have your gear, food, and transportation ready to go.


Do I need to be an intermediate or expert skier?

No not at all.  With privately run trips we can cater to your exact needs.  Before all trips are run we will try to get a handle of your Skiing ability and Ski Touring experience in order to get you the best day possible.  We welcome all abilities to join our trips.


Are there any other costs not included in the price?

Yes.  If we Ski Tour in Rogers Pass/Glacier National Park you are required to pay for a Day Pass for each day visiting the National Park.  Also if we are Ski Touring from Revelstoke Mountain Resort, lift tickets are not included in our price.  They will have to be purchased each day that we use the Gondola to access the backcountry.


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We respond within 24 hours to all inquiries.  Due to the many options that we provide, we prefer to communicate with you first prior to confirming a booking.

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