Escape into the real backcountry for a real adventure.

There are endless opportunities of places to ski in the spring.  Basecamps allow for prime access to some of the best skiing imaginable.  Spring offers a great opportunity for steep skiing and spectacular scenery.  For skiers seeking a real adventure join us for our annual basecamp.  Get in a Helicopter and get dropped off in paradise.  Every year locations will change as we always want to check a new area out.  There is no better way to finish your season than with the trip of your lifetime.


2021 Adamants Basecamp

For 2021 we will be doing two spring Ski Mountaineering Basecamps in the Adamant range of the Northern Selkirk Mountains.  April 17-24, 2021 is already sold out.  We have four spots left on March 21-28, 2021.  

We will access the Adamants by Helicopter from Golden, BC.  This is a week long tent based ski touring trip.  Flying in on March 21, 2021 and flying out on March 28, 2021.  This trip is for advanced ski tourers or strong skiers looking to get more into ski mountaineering.     

Seize this opportunity to explore this beautiful mountain range while CMH is not operating.  Ski perfectly gladed tree skiing if it's snowing or some of the best alpine skiing that the Selkirk Mountains has to offer.  The Adamants has the views of the Bugaboos with the deep snowpack of the Selkirk Mountains.  John has worked as a Heli-Ski Guide for CMH in the Adamants for three winters.  Take advantage of his local knowledge to ski this amazing remote part of the Selkirks.  No tracks, no people, no wifi, real mountaineering.  

If you want to get more into ski mountaineering, come do the real thing with Selkirk Powder Descents.  To mitigate the spread of Covid-19 each person will have their own tent and we will cook and eat underneath shelters outside.  

The trip cost is $1750/person.  This includes Helicopter Flights in and out from the camp to and from Golden.  In order to keep the price of the trip down we will not provide a cook unless the group wants one.  Each person will take a turn cooking for the group on one day of the trip.  There will be a maximum of six skiers on this trip. 

Up your game and get after it this spring with Selkirk Powder Descents in the Adamants!



The best time to get after it is in the spring.  When conditions allow we'll do our best to push the limits.


Basecamps allow for the true escape to places seldom visited.  The stunning scenery and adventure provided on these trips are truly unique and unforgettable.

Let us know what your summit is and we'll do our best to get you there!


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