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Mountain Safety Courses

2023/2024 Mountain Safety Courses 


                  2023/2024 Mountain Safety Courses

                   COMPANION RESCUE



The key to being safe and having long lifetime of adventure in the mountains is to never stop learning.  It is to constantly be as diligent as possible mitigating hazards and evaluating risk while travelling in the mountains.  Avalanche fatalities happen every year in British Columbia and backcountry skiing is only worth it if you return to your families at the end of the day. 


We want to pass on to you what we have learned over the years to help you make good decisions and avoid accidents all together.  All of our courses are purposely set in a small group environment to create a better learning experience for our students.  Small group settings create a more comfortable environment to ask questions, be mentored properly and travel through more terrain throughout the course.  The courses are all taught in the big, real terrain of Glacier National Park also known as Rogers Pass only by certified ACMG guides.   


Join us this December to get properly prepared for a safe fun ski touring season.  





November 29, 2023 - SOLD OUT!

December 5th, 2023 - 3 spots left!

An excellent recurrent training course designed to refresh your skills and get your head back in the game at the start of a new ski season.  Be prepared for when the unexpected occurs.  This intense one day course in a small group setting is a great opportunity to learn what to do should an avalanche or injury occur.  


Starting with a missing skier scenario we then go to a tree-well rescue site to discuss extraction techniques for when friends are found missing while tree skiing.  Rescue toboggans and essential equipment for medical emergencies will then be covered.  Preparing a site for a Helicopter to land and considerations to think of when dealing with Helicopters is also taught on this course.  

We then shift to the Avalanche accident scenario focusing on the latest techniques used when an avalanche burial occurs.  Coaching and feedback on your Transceiver skills, Shovelling, Probing techniques is a highly valuable part of this course.  For the remainder of the day we will cycle through as many scenarios as possible so that everyone has had a chance to lead a rescue and perform each scenario.  

Be ready this winter and know what to do if your friends are caught in an avalanche.

Cost = $150/person + GST


Avalanche Skills Training - AST 1
Small groups, two full backcountry days, only taught by ACMG Guides


Avalanche Skills Training 1 is designed to give you all of the tools that you need to begin the never ending learning process of recreating safely in Avalanche terrain.  This course consists of a six hour online learning course to be completed prior to the course beginning so we can spend two full days in Glacier National Park also known as Rogers Pass.  


Most operators only have one hands on field day in their AST 1 Courses.   We feel that it simply inadequate to set you up for success recreating in avalanche terrain.  Two field days in Rogers Pass allows for more time to learn and develop your skills to get you better prepared for a season of backcountry skiing.  Avalanche theory, Terrain evaluation and mitigation, understanding Avalanche Forecasts, Snow stability tests, Tree well extraction, Safety equipment and multiple Companion Rescue scenarios are all covered in this course. 


This course has a maximum group size of six people to create a better learning environment and increased time for mentorship during the course.  All courses are taught by ACMG certified guides.     

If you are new to backcountry skiing or simply want to dust the cobwebs off of your Avalanche knowledge and Safety Skills at the beginning of the winter then this is the course for you.  All courses will be held in Glacier National Park in between Revelstoke and Golden, BC unless the highway is closed for avalanche control.  

Cost = $345/person + GST


November 25-26, 2023 - SOLD OUT! 
December 6-7, 2023- midweek! SOLD OUT!

December 9-10, 2023 - SOLD OUT!
December 16-17, 2023 - SOLD OUT!
December 30-31, 2023 - SOLD OUT!

January 20-21, 2024 - SOLD OUT!

January 27-28, 2024 - SOLD OUT!



Let's go skiing!

Apply what you have learned in your AST 1 Course to a practical day of ski touring.  This bonus day of backcountry skiing will help you further enforce what you have learned in your AST 1 training to a realistic day of powder skiing.  This is a great way to learn more safe routes and places to go ski touring around Revelstoke's backcountry, so you can then feel comfortable going out on your own. 

Route selection, terrain choices and avalanche hazard mitigation will all be discussed while going ski touring all day.  Up tracking mentorship, safe downhill techniques and more companion rescue scenarios will all be done, to get you ready to rip as a backcountry rider.


This extra day is a great way to connect with more people and learn more of the many places to go ski touring in Revelstoke's Backcountry or Glacier National Park.  We'll get you set to go out with your friends and make good decisions.  

November 27, 2023

December 11, 2023

January 29, 2024

Cost = $150/person + GST




December 19-22, 2023 - SOLD OUT!

December 28-31, 2023 - SOLD OUT!

January 2-5, 2024 - SOLD OUT!

February 20-23, 2024 - SOLD OUT!

Avalanche Skills Training 2 is a four day course about developing your decision making tools as a backcountry skier.  In this course you will be exposed to hazards and learn how to mitigate them.  Students will take turns each day leading the group under Johns supervision as he offers mentorship with your route finding and terrain assessment skills.  Up tracking skills and techniques are also covered in this course.

With a small group setting of only four participants everyone will have ample opportunity to lead the group under the supervision of a fully certified ACMG Guide and Avalanche Professional with the Canadian Avalanche association.  Our guides have years of experience backcountry skiing in all types of terrain and mountain ranges not only in Canada but throughout the world.  

As we travel through various types of terrain we will discuss where accidents can occur and learn from mistakes made in the past.  Learning the latest snow tests and when/where to get the most important information for reducing risk will be a daily exercise on this course.

Each day we will have rescue exercises so that by the end of the course you will be confident in your skills in companion rescue scenarios should an avalanche occur.  This course is the perfect foundation for you to start the never ending learning process of recreating in avalanche terrain.  If conditions allow Glacier Travel techniques will also be taught on this course  

Group sizes are kept to a minimum for increased learning and mentorship during the course.  Most courses will be held in Rogers Pass in between Revelstoke and Golden, BC.

Cost = $685/person + GST



December 15-17, 2023 - SOLD OUT!

February 9-11, 2024 - SOLD OUT! 

This three day Course is completely hands on and will set you up with everything you need to know for Crevasse Rescue.  No prior knowledge of roped mechanical advantage systems or Glacier travel is required for participation in this course.  By the end of the course though, we will have everyone understanding the systems enough to pull the instructors out of a Crevasse.  


Roped Glacier travel, rappelling/ascending ropes, snow anchor building, zee pulley, and mechanical advantage raising and lowering systems are all covered in this course.  We keep participant numbers to a minimum to allow for proper instructor mentorship and a better learning environment for these systems. 

Two days are spent learning the systems in snow and the third day is spent focusing on Glacier Travel techniques on Glaciers.  This course also comes with a complimentary document containing Glacier Theory, key considerations to think about for glacier travel, photos and the step by step process of Crevasse Rescue.  

Cost = $575/person + GST




We respond within 24 hours to all inquiries.  Due to the many options that we provide, we prefer to communicate with you first prior to confirming a booking.

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