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Arriving in Rogers Pass and figuring out where to go even for advanced Ski Tourers is intimidating and inefficient.  Get the most out of your trip to ski tour in Rogers Pass with us showing you the best possible skiing terrain for that given day.  Take advantage of our in depth knowledge of the Pass to ski the best possible snow and ski descents given your abilities.  From steep ski mountaineering objectives to a casual day with your family, we are open to providing you with exactly what you want.  Knowing the Avalanche Hazard meticulously, evaluating the current Weather Forecast, and understanding your abilities we can put together the best possible day for you and your friends. 

We offer single to multiple day trips to Rogers Pass, running daily from Revelstoke.  Most importantly let us know what you want, so we can cater to your exact needs.  If it's a specific Ski Tour or Summit that you had in mind, steep skiing with pillows or simply a day off to relax in between multiple days of Ski Touring we want to provide you with the ski touring experience that you are looking for.  


Tour Description/Pricing

We will always be in communication with you prior to your trip so that we understand exactly what your intentions are for a Ski Tour.  We strongly recommend to base yourself out of Revelstoke, be flexible and have faith in our local knowledge and decision making in finding the best possible Ski Tour for you that day.  If your intentions are to Ski in Rogers Pass then we will ski in Rogers Pass.  Because of issues like the Highway closing for avalanche control and motor vehicle accidents we suggest being flexible if it's snowing hard and Ski Touring out of Revelstoke.  This is the best way to stay safe and pick the best possible Ski Tour for you for that given day.  

Typically our day begins at 07:00 in order to maximize our day.  Due to Covid-19 Health and Safety precautions we are no longer providing ground transportation to Rogers Pass from Revelstoke.  All tours are private meaning no one else will join your trip.  Typically we will be finished skiing by 16:00 but trips will run longer as we gain more daylight in the spring.  FM radios are provided for safety but guests are expected to have their own Ski/Snowboard Gear, Packs and Avalanche Safety Equipment.   


Our pricing is based on a Guide to Guest ratio.  Bring your friends to lower the cost.  Groups of four or more Guests, receive a discount of $50/day for booking more than one day. 

  • 1 Guide : 6 Guests = $800

  • 1 Guide : 5 Guests = $800

  • 1 Guide : 4 Guests = $800

  • 1 Guide : 3 Guests = $750

  • 1 Guide : 2 Guests = $700

  • 1 Guide : 1 Guest  = $650


We respond within 24 hours to all inquiries.  Due to the many options that we provide, we prefer to communicate with you first prior to confirming a booking.

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